Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in E:\home\LocalUser\422505\www\2018\inc\config_db.php on line 52 智能消費(收費)管理系統:CPU卡消費機,售飯機 智能消費(收費)管理系統 _停車場系統,電梯門禁系統,門禁考勤系統,IC卡電梯系統,_DUOAO多奧一卡通事業群
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  • 智能消費(收費)管理系統:CPU卡消費機,售飯機

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    Smart intelligent charging management system



    System Description

        智能消費(收費)管理系統是以卡為紐帶,綜合PC SOFT技術,智能卡讀寫技術等來實現費用收取的自動化及智能化。節省人力成本,避免人工操作的誤差。

        Intelligent charging management system is based on intelligent cards as information media,combined with intelligent card write-read technology,computer software technology and electronic control technology to achieve high degree of automation and intelligent management on charging. The communication network is used,so that the charging machine and computers can easily exchange data,combined with the intelligent charging management system to realize the fully automatic charging method of canteens,restaurants,shopping centers ,shopping malls and other entertainment establishments ,thus saving manpower,and at the same time also avoiding the error caused by a variety of human factors and achieving the e-money dining and shopping.



    Application areas

        中小型工廠,機關事業單位,學校,醫院,   品牌連鎖店,酒店,食堂等經營場所,中高檔


        Small and medium sized factories,organs,institutiongs,

    small campuses with single-charge feature,hospitals,brand

    stores and other shop premises,medium and high-grade intelligent

    community ,etc.



    Product features

    • 雙面液晶顯示,5排顯示內容,單行10個漢字顯示內容自定義
    • 全天支持24個時段
    • 防水、防油、防蟲
    • 該產品集臺式、掛式、IC、ID四合一,混合一體機功能
    • 同時具備消費機、充值機、補貼機的用處。
    • 外形美觀,獨具流線感。
    • 可與多奧電梯控制/停車管理/門禁/考勤/智能通道/一卡通" data-scaytid="49">在線巡更等智能一卡通




    Main technical parameters

    • 下載速率為30000-36000/分鐘
    • 采集記錄速率為60000/分鐘(ETHERNET)
    • RS232/485采集下載速率12000/分鐘;TCP/IP多線程主動實時傳輸,支持RS232/485;
    • 黑/白名單容量:IC模式:26萬,ID模式:3.6萬